What To Do On King Island

The friendly team at Kittawa Lodge would be delighted to assist you with guest information in finalising your itinerary for your trip to King Island.  Please get in touch with us!

King Island Tourism also provides a lot of very helpful information on King Island’s local attractions, experiences and amenities.


The heart of King Island’s community is its people, who are unbelievably friendly, welcoming and generous.

It may be the pristine natural environment that attracts you to King Island, but it is the people you will meet that will encourage your return.  It starts with a simple wave as you cross paths on the road, and continues with a genuine desire to interact and share with you their passion for living on this island paradise.


King Island possesses 145 kilometres of untouched, pristine coastline.

Crystal-clear waters, set next to protected nature reserves, King Island has some of Australia’s most picturesque and remote beaches.

Experience vast expanses of white sandy beaches, rocky coves, ship wrecks, reefs and some of Australia’s best surfing breaks.  On most days, the only human foot prints you will find will be yours.


Two stunning, world-class links golf courses are located on King Island:

  • Cape Wickham, located on the Northern tip of King Island, has been voted in the world’s top 25 golf courses and is also home to the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere.
  • Ocean Dunes, a stunning seaside links course located half-way up the Western coastline of King Island, is also set to become another of Australia’s leading golf courses.

In addition to these two world-leading 18-hole courses, there is also the original King Island Golf and Bowling Club, a 9-hole course located in the main township of Currie.  It is considered one of the world’s greatest 9 hole courses.


Visitors to King Island with a sense of adventure will be rewarded with an endless supply of pristine beaches, private coves, bird watching and secluded walking tracks to explore.

In any given direction you are bound to find a patch of nature to yourself.  King Island abounds with uninterrupted views of the ocean and emerald green hills as well as inland lakes and nature reserves.

Fishing expeditions, platypus tours, nature tours, island tours and penguin viewing can all be arranged.


Remote, clean and green, King Island produces world-renowned seafood, beef and cheese.

Kittawa Lodge’s philosophy celebrates local produce and producers, offering guests a paddock to plate (and ocean to plate) experience.  Aside from the Kittawa Lodge experience, a visit is not complete without a trip to King Island Dairy’s fromagerie, for some complimentary cheese tasting.

The rolling emerald hills are home to one of the world’s most recognisable beef brands and the crystal clear waters produce premium Southern Ocean Rock Lobsters, Black and Greenlip Abalone as well as Sea Elephant River Oysters to name just a few.

Accompanying these delectable offerings are local organic farmers, offering a wide-range of vegetables and salads and small-good products such as cured and smoked wallaby and locally-sourced sausages, as well as the famous King Island Bakery with their renowned pies.