The Kittawa Lodge Story

Created by sea-changers, Aaron Suine and Nick Stead, Kittawa Lodge has quickly solidified its position as one of Australia’s best new luxury accommodation offerings (read more about our awards and recognition here).

Aaron, as a Partner of a national law firm, and Nick, as an organisational psychologist at Australia’s leading investment bank, lived a fast-paced lifestyle in Paddington, New South Wales.  Though we had long-held ambitions to create a luxury lodge, showcasing a unique part of Australia.

Having grown-up in regional areas of New South Wales, we aspired to once-again be embraced by a tight-knit community, bountiful in world-class produce and artistic talent, so our young son could thrive and flourish.

When we came across King Island, while watching Landline one weekend, we knew we had found something special, and that we had finally discovered the place we had been dreaming about for over 10 years.

Five years later, after careful planning, Kittawa Lodge was born.  An image of luxurious seclusion, we wanted to create a retreat for discerning travellers seeking to disconnect, to rejuvenate, to romance or to relax.

Completely off-grid, we prioritised, from an early stage, a strong dedication to minimising Kittawa Lodge’s impact on the environment, now and into the future.

Reimagining the King Island experience, Kittawa Lodge was designed to provide a completely unique getaway for our guests, combining unparalleled privacy with attentive and personalised on-site service.

Supporting locally-owned and operated small businesses on King Island and across Tasmania, every aspect of the Kittawa Lodge experience has been carefully considered and curated.

For us, a luxury lodge needs to be much, much more than a place to stay, it needs to connect at a deeper level with our guests and create a truly memorable experience, which lingers long after departure.

Having stayed at a large number of luxury lodges across the globe, we were always taken by the small, bespoke touches.  For us, this is what sets an authentically-luxurious offering apart from the others – that sense that the operators genuinely care about you, have listened and have taken that additional step to make your stay extra-special.

After over 15 years of working within highly-competitive service industries, we have a well-honed philosophy which, at its core, embodies a ‘client first’ mantra.  Leveraging this experience, we have worked hard to create a highly personalised and bespoke experience at Kittawa Lodge.

No two guests are the same and, for this reason, no two guests’ experience should be the same.  It is our mission to make your stay at Kittawa Lodge truly memorable, and we are excited to hear from you, and to one day welcome you into our Kittawa Lodge family of guests.