Welcome to King Island, Tasmania

The Ultimate Escape

As you drive away from the airport, you are struck by the warmth of the locals, waving as they pass you in their car.  You have to remind yourself that you’ve only flown 30 minutes from Melbourne, as you stop for a herd of cows, an echidna, a peacock or a wallaby.

There is an energy about King Island.  Its pristine, untouched beauty draws you in.  Its world-renowned gourmet produce delights.  Its world-class golf courses and surfing breaks excite.

But the enduring memory is the feeling it gives you.  King Island is a destination to unwind and rejuvenate.  It is the ideal getaway, for a weekend or a week, for adventure, relaxation or romance.

Welcome to your wilderness.

The Island

King Island is as beautiful as it is diverse, consisting of rugged coastlines, picturesque beaches and lush grassy interiors.

With its lighthouses, shipwrecks, golf courses, horse riding, nature walks and abundant wildlife, there is something of interest at every turn.

Highlights include the ancient Calcified Forest, the dramatic sheer coastal cliffs of Seal Rocks and the untouched beauty of the Lavinia Nature Reserve and the Pegarah Nature Reserve.

King Island has a thriving local food and arts scene, celebrated through the Festival of King Island (FOKI) and the King Island Long Table Festival.  Outside of these events, the township of Currie (just a short drive from Kittawa Lodge) provides access to shops, cafes and galleries.

For those wanting a break, Kittawa Lodge provides the King Island experience at your fingertips.  With local produce and art, coastal walks, panoramic views of the rugged coastline and a plentiful supply of wildlife, Kittawa Lodge is your secluded refuge.

The Location

King Island is one of Australia’s best undiscovered locations, yet is only a short flight from Melbourne or mainland Tasmania.

Anchored in the middle of Bass Strait, between Southern Victoria and the North West of Tasmania, King Island possesses 145 kilometres of untouched, pristine coastline.

Approximately 65 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, King Island offers a diverse landscape with multiple attractions and destinations.

It really is one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Getting There

King Island is easily accessible by air from Melbourne and mainland Tasmania.

From Melbourne

Regional Express conveniently operates daily flights from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, with numerous connecting flights available for those transiting from interstate locations.

King Island Airlines departs from Moorabbin Airport twice daily throughout the year.  Moorabbin Airport is very convenient for those residing on the Southern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, or in the Mornington Peninsular.

Sharp Airlines offers daily services from Essendon Airport.

From Tasmania

Sharp Airlines flies up to three times a day from both Launceston and Burnie (Wynyard), and Regional Express also flies from Burnie (Wynyward).  Sharp Airlines also flies three times a week from Hobart.

Please note the above flight information may have been impacted by reduced flights due to COVID-19.

Getting around

To truly experience King Island, hiring a car is highly recommended.

While Kittawa Lodge can make arrangements for you, King Island Car Rental exclusively services King Island.  Cars can be conveniently picked-up at the airport and, when it comes to the end of your trip, simply leave the keys in the car at the airport.

For those wishing to explore King Island, hiring an all-wheel or 4WD vehicle is recommended.  This will provide you with maximum flexibility and freedom during your travels across King Island.

For the less adventurous, a regular sedan is more than adequate (while Kittawa Lodge is located off an unsealed road, it is easily accessible with a regular sedan).

Your hire car will come with a map of King Island.

The Climate

King Island is an all-season destination.  It enjoys a temperate climate, being cooler than Melbourne in the summer months and warmer than Melbourne in the winter months.

With each season comes a new experience.

During the summer months, guests can enjoy a seemingly endless day, with the sun setting at around 9.00pm.  The crystal clear waters glisten and the pristine beaches invite you for a swim (despite its southerly location, the water temperature is surprisingly temperate).

The winter months bring an even more impressive atmosphere.  Explore King Island during the daylight hours and then retire to the luxurious Kittawa Lodge to enjoy a glass of wine by the French-designed fireplace, taking in the panoramic views of the coastline.

No matter what time of the year, King Island will not disappoint – it is the perfect year-round escape.

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