Stay at Kittawa Lodge

The Property

Kittawa Lodge is situated on a stunning, secluded, ocean-front, 96-acre property.  It comprises over 750 metres of coastline, lush 12,000 year old grassy sand dunes, private valleys, forested nooks and natural-spring dams.

While spectacularly remote, Kittawa Lodge is conveniently located just 15 minutes drive from the main township of Currie.

Completely off-grid, you are free to explore the many hidden coves and pebbled beaches along the foreshore, and snorkel the pristine waters rich with diverse marine life, just metres from your luxurious private lodge.

Surrounded by nature, you may encounter Red-Necked Wallabies, bush turkeys, wild peacocks, pheasants and a family of majestic Sea Eagles.

The Accommodation

Kittawa Lodge provides a truly luxurious accommodation experience, offering two one-bedroom lodges.

Each lodge is architecturally designed to maximise your connection to the outdoors, while minimising exposure to the elements.  The location of each lodge has been carefully selected to optimise your panoramic views as well as your privacy, while ensuring a sense of ultimate seclusion.

Comprising contemporary, soaring and light-filled interiors, each lodge features French-designed fireplaces, warm and charred timber tones, custom joinery, local artwork and bespoke furniture.

Completely off-grid, Kittawa Lodge is the ultimate luxury eco-tourism destination, offering every comfort.

The Surroundings

Near Kittawa Lodge is Fitzmaurice Bay, a stunning stretch of protected coastline.  There is a coastal track which can be accessed directly from the property which follows the many coves of this picturesque bay.

Despite its beauty, Fitzmaurice Bay has a treacherous history, being the site of the historic Cataraqui ship wreck.  The Cataraqui sank on 4 August 1845 and remains Australia’s worst maritime civil incident, claiming the lives of 400 people.  While the ocean has since washed away any visible remains of the ship, you can view an informative monument which marks its location.

Beyond Fitzmaurice Bay, and just a short drive further South of the property, you will come across some of King Island’s most fascinating natural destinations, including the Calcified Forest, Surprise Bay and Stokes Point (the most Southern point of King Island).

Flora and Fauna


During your stay, you will be surrounded by the local native wildlife, including up-close encounters with the Red-Necked Wallaby.  The Melaleuca Forest at the Western-edge of Kittawa Lodge is home to a diverse community of native birdlife.

Metres from your lodge, you can snorkel the waters of the Southern Ocean, with Southern Ocean Rock Lobsters, Black and Greenlip Abalone and a diverse range of marine life at your finger tips.

To cap off your day, along a coastal track from Kittawa Lodge is the remote Fitzmaurice Bay.  During the summer months, guests can enjoy the migration of the Muttonbirds.  As night descends, all-year-round, guests can arrange to witness the march of a large colony of Fairy Penguins from the ocean.

Rare and endangered ecosystems

Kittawa Lodge showcases the unique King Island environs, with a large expanse of “Tufa Terraces”.  This is a rare and endangered ecological plant community, which surround stone pools, started 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.

Stay at Kittawa Lodge